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We are "Transforming Possibilities into Realities Through Hard Work And Perseverance!”


A Message from Our Principal:

Welcome!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Featherbed Lane Elementary’s website. FLES is a proud school in the Woodlawn area of Baltimore County.

Featherbed Lane Elementary aspires to equip our students to become successful lifelong learners who possess 21st century skills.  Following our vision to ”Transform Possibilities into Realities through Hard work and Perseverance,” our staff is committed to establishing high expectations for all students while focusing on supporting our learners to grow and progress to meet personal, system wide and national goals.

We are excited about our school and the promise we see as our students grow and our programs improve.  FLES is proud of our commitment to integrating technology into the classroom, promoting creativity and STEM, encouraging participation in the arts and robotics, and fostering collaborative learner centered environments.

We will continue to work as a team of parents, teachers, and community and business partners to encourage our students to believe in themselves and their abilities as they achieve academic excellence and grow socially and emotionally.  It is our goal that our students will see that any possibility becomes a reality with belief, hard work and perseverance.

-​Mrs. Johnson


Hope L McGuire (@HopeLMcGuire) tweeted at 2:52 PM on Tue, Mar 19, 2019:

@FascinateSci showing a reflection of our @flesbcps Ss present and a window to their future. We would to have you come spend the day with us. @BCPSSci @MissMcMillon @MelissaDiDonato @RJones_8






Renee Johnson

    Sheila Thomas
Assistant Principal

Hope McGuire
Assistant Principal

School Hours: 9:05 am to 4:05 pm
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
School Address: 6700 Richardson Road, Baltimore, MD 21207
School Phone: 410-887-1302
Nurse Phone: 410-887-1361
School Fax: 410-277-9879

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